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Automating out mundanity

At Together we like to do things thoroughly with focus and efficiency. We’re always on the look out for opportunities to build systems that let software take care of the mundanity of certain design tasks in order to give the team apt headspace to do more complex thinking and focus on what we’re good at.

Take for instance, the very common task of creating mood board grids for design presentations — bringing in a gamut of images and arranging them in a visually appealing grid into inDesign is one of the many mundane tasks that needs to be done and could take a significant amount of time to put together; this does not even include the pre-processing that is sometimes required of the images through either Photoshop or Lightroom beforehand. This is a fairly common task across all of our projects and we have created a script to do this for us, on a folder of images, automatically.

Another great example is automating various art working tasks to avoid human errors; we always make sure that our inDesign documents are clean and free of any unnecessary clutter around the pasteboard before sending these off to the printers. A script could be a handy and useful step in any studio’s pre-flight art working checklist.

Imagine if you were cleaning up a book file with several hundred pages!

One of the ways in which we design the mundanity our of our process is to take advantage of the lesser-known tools in the adobe creative suite: the Scripting SDK. Unknown to many, the Adobe suite of tools includes a lightweight scripting tool that uses Javascript or AppleScript to empower designers to automate tasks within the Adobe Creative Suite, including processes that span across several Adobe Creative Suite applications. If you’re a designer who’s already playing around with code, then exploring the Adobe SDKs should prove to be a useful tool for you to streamline your processes.

The Adobe extendscript toolkit development environment

Scripting gives designers the power to automate the more mundane tasks of design. True to our multidisciplinary nature here at Together — we not only embody this ethos in our work but also in our own processes and way of working. When we automate the more mundane tasks, we are free to focus on the things that really matter in design. Whilst the scripting environment above might look daunting, do not fret — Adobe provides plenty of resources to get you started with your own automated tools and systems for your design process. Have a look around and discover what you can do at

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23 October 2017