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Working at Together – the graduate perspective

The turn around from university to industry was too quick for me to build many expectations of what life at Together would be like – I’d completed my finals only 4 days before joining. What I did know from my interview in the large, leafy office, was that a willingness to learn, and determination to quickly apply those learnings, would be key to fitting in.

I had unknowingly spent the last year merrily paddling at design school (at London College of Communication). Don’t get me wrong – it taught me a lot about idea generation, design principles, and help me build connections. But that’s not even half the journey: no amount of schooling can teach you about the real world of team work and clients. About time then to plunge into the deep end: real projects, real clients and real impact.

Industry work is rarely about self-expression (uni structure unavoidably does this and creates unrealistic/ inflated visions in its students). It’s about identifying what client’s need and working with them to elevate their presence in the world. It’s not about the designer, it’s about you – the client. Design is not art. Design is a service, and to design is to facilitate communication in a complex world.

From the word go at Together, I was immersed in a wide variety of design projects assisting the lead designers and pro-actively up-skilling (with the help of the incredible team here) producing a wide variety of materials across campaigns, sales materials, infographics and reports. All this provides genuine responsibility to harness creativity, and a great propensity for professional development. The intense learning curves (professional, creative and technical) are worth it because our output is tangible and impacts people.

The day-to-day atmosphere at Together is one of ambition and motivation with a healthy dose of collaboration and fun. We’re all here to get the job done efficiently, without compromising on quality. Beyond the work, it’s daily table tennis rallies, occasional karaoke Fridays and studio outings. The warmth and drive of the people is what makes Together such an exciting place to work and sharing our office with our sister company Revealing Reality means it’s the best of a smaller company ethos with a great cross-section of inspiring people to share ideas with.

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13 February 2018