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A new kind of client partnership

We’re lucky at Together – not only because of the beautiful office we have in SW4, but because just 2 minutes away is (in our opinion) one of the best deli’s in south London.

North Street Deli, where the family team, headed by Madeline and daughter Micky, cook up daily feasts for their devoted locals fans. Queues extend down the street when the sun is out, but it’s always worth the wait.

One day, whilst Ben was waiting to be served, he realised there was an opportunity. The queue was long but only so many people could be served each day. The product was of a quality and price point that really made it stand out. The question was how could we help them build on their foundations and do more?

Over the months, conversations had become more friendly and we booked in a meeting to share our ideas.

It turned out that they had been thinking the same sorts of things we had. How do we expand and scale what we do . . . ?

We discovered that lunch was not all they offer. They also have an equally delicious and flexible catering offer, but it’s wasn’t well known or documented in any way. Crucially this was a potential additional revenue stream for the business that wouldn’t cannibalise existing sales.

It’s typical of Together’s approach – where there is a problem, you can find opportunity – and how might some good thinking, copy, design and production be applied to change the status quo and bring about a positive change for their business.

This wasn’t the only unconventional element of our partnership. We also wanted to form a new kind of client partnership. Instead of conventional payment, Together’s design work would being exchanged for daily team lunches. The family that eats together stays together, so the phrase goes, and many good conversations that weren’t happening, now come about over a fork full of some excellent food.

So we’re happy – not just about the quality of the design and print that we’ve produced, which now catches the eye of passers-by and the lines of lunch seekers, but by the way it has enhanced our work culture.

With a plan to help them across social and digital we’ll see how far we can take it. For us, the success of our work for North Street will lie in whether over time we can help them achieve their business goals in style.

Knowing Ben likes a challenge I’ve lined up hairdressers, shoe shops, and a football clubs for us to approach next – I fear he may not be as keen . . .

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20 July 2018