Animation captivates: it attracts attention and inspires people’s imaginations. Good storytelling that conveys powerful ideas can provoke change and create a lasting impact. Whether you are looking to entertain or inform your audience, our team of animators can transform your content into a compelling narrative with unique character.

Imagined together
1. Analyse & guide

The amazing thing about animation is the boundless opportunities it offers to communicate a message. To create an impactful story we start by uncovering what is most compelling about your goals. Not only will we probe what they are but why they are important. We’ll use that as a base to create a memorable animation in a style that suits your organisation and needs.

Explored together
2. Investigate & research

We take a script-first approach to animation: a well-written script is an essential starting point for an effective animation. We work with you to decipher the story that you need to tell, by distilling your content to its key messages and articulating them in a convincing way. We take care to read aloud your scripts with you as they are conceived, to ensure the emphasis, tone, and pace effectively serves your purpose and moves your audience.

Designed together
3. Conceive & create

As a multidisciplinary studio, we use a spectrum of skills from other disciplines such as illustration, typography or UI/UX to create assets for animation that inform how your story is visually communicated in the storyboarding phase and beyond. Your animation may also need to factor in existing brand or style guidelines, multiple-lingual audiences, accessibility, and other technical specifications.

We blend these elements with our script to create a captivating visual narrative that clearly articulates your message. We use a storyboard to visualise how the narrative is brought to life.

Developed together
4. Refine & resolve

Once we have agreed on the design and visual narrative, it’s time to make it move. We bring our visual work together with music and motion, giving life to each part in order to move your audience.

Creating a natural flow is an essential part of animation. Pacing a narrative so it sits comfortably with a viewer is an intuitive process that relies on timing and the subtleties of motion design and above all requires a good deal of iteration. The result is a polished animation where the complexity of the process fades into the background and an impactful composition is unmasked conveying a powerful and complete story.

Delivered together
5. Deploy & support

The animation is alive!
What if you’d like to display it on an alternative platform? Or add foreign subtitles? Maybe it will need retargeting for a broader audience? Every animation we produce is unique, engages its audience, and can be adapted to different channels.