In a digital world where online communication is increasingly dominated by video and photography, illustration in its many forms is having a resurgence as people are drawn to visual matter conceived entirely in the mind, and crafted by hand. Happily organisations are adopting it more and more as they yearn to convey something less manufactured with a higher degree of craft or authenticity, or to effectively communicate complex ideas visually. Additionally, illustration has many beneficial qualities over the more representative visual mediums. It is perfectly suited to convey more subtle, emotive or nuanced subject matter.

Imagined together
1. Contextualise & plan

Illustration at Together is normally delivered as a visual augmentation of another service. Most frequently that will be animation or design, selected for it’s flexibility in allowing us to create whatever imagery is needed. With something as subjective as illustration, forming a specific illustrative brief is an essential first step to ensuring what is created meets the communication need.

Explored together
2. Investigate & consider

Since illustrations can take time to create, we will guide you through a process of style exploration. By moodboarding examples, we will narrow down potential stylistic approaches and mediums.

Designed together
3. Conceive & create

Now it’s time to get our ideas onto paper. At this point in the process we’re not concerned by perfection and we explore a whole range of creative options through pencil sketches – lo-fi versions of the final illustrations to get a broad agreement on the subject matter and scenes we’ll produce.

Developed together
4. Refine & resolve

Once we have a style that aligns with the brief and your vision, we can roll this out across a whole set of unique illustrations for your project. We will likely deliver the illustration as part of a wider output but will always ensure that we deliver the specific illustrations for your continued use in isolation and across different formats and mediums.

Delivered together
5. Deploy & support

Our final outcome is designed to inspire. But why not take it a step further and bring your illustrations to life? Animation is a powerful tool for storytelling and can be used to transform your content.