UX is a burgeoning field. We’re used to reading blogs from the latest trendy agency about what it is. Put simply, it’s a blend of research and design that enables good decision making, and really there’s a bit of ‘UX’ work in any good project. The experience a user has with your product or service (digital or otherwise) is integral to the way they interact with it, and by extension the impression they form about you. Combining our multi-disciplinary design and digital team with our sister organisation, an award winning research and innovation agency, makes us uniquely well placed to deliver industry-leading UX work.

Explored together
1. Research & discover

No project is successful without first understanding the needs, goals, motivations and behaviours of your customers and users. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to research, which is why our offer can incorporate award-winning research expertise should you require it. We will advise you on the most cost-effective way to ensure your project has the best chance of success from the outset.

Collaborate together
2. Consider & concieve

Research methodologies vary dramatically in how they are carried out and their outputs. Whether it’s building deep and profound insight into user behaviour and large scale data capture to something more light touch, like the creation of customer personas. Most often this will inform the creation and mapping of user journeys and the formulation of a more specific design brief aimed at maximising the functionality, usability, language and feel of your outputs.

Analyse together
3. Evaluate & strategise

Good research challenges and changes thinking. It re-establishes what is important and what isn’t. In most instances, it’s a process that feeds directly into another, be it design, digital development, or service redesign. It enhances and improves your understanding of what you and your team need to do next, but often you need to bring others along on that journey too. We’ll help you work out the right tools to get your stakeholders bought into the change that needs to happen.

Design together
4. Refine & resolve

Cementing research findings into tangible outputs can help coalesce people around new thinking and give people permission and a mandate to carry on down an agreed path. We have years of experience in tailoring research outputs into user journey maps, interactive documents, reports, personas, product scope, user stories or technical requirements documents.

Delivered together
5. Deploy & support

Users are predictable if you understand their motivation. That doesn’t mean you have a timeless formula. Users’ needs and behaviours will change over time and it’s crucial you keep in step. Putting in place mechanisms to ensure you can monitor the impact of the changes you’re implementing will enable you to continue meeting needs, exceeding expectations and ultimately staying relevant to your audience. You’ll also continue to refine what you’re doing.