Investing in democracy
An annual report to showcase the impact of Civitates’ initiatives aimed at safeguarding democracy and encouraging solidarity across Europe.
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Communicating Civitates

Civitates is a philanthropic initiative in its second year. The challenge of this project was to create an annual report that would help them communicate their novel approach and core objectives. It had to communicate their achievements to their supporters and act as an introductory document for new investors.

The look Together Creative created for us was hopeful and positive, which worked really well. Working with Together Creative was also a real pleasure. The team was very responsive to our needs and showed a high level of flexibility and dedication . . .

Léonie van Tongeren | Fund Manager


Highlighting the core message

As a young organisation Civitates had little for us to work with besides a logo, some photography and content. This created a need for us to develop a style that was in keeping with the identity that would enhance their content. Starting as always by exploring ideas conceptually, the notion of highlighting and uncovering emerged. This evokes the actions of Civitates who focus their resources towards initiatives that support open debate, investigative journalism and democracy.


Underlying the message

Throughout the document we added subtle, hand-made marks to give the content a personal, human touch.


Four main objectives

We created bespoke icons for Civitates’s main objectives: