Creating software, dashboards and digital tools
The most useful data can be useless if it’s not presented clearly. With a variety of tools that promise to help us achieve this out of the box, making the right choice can be difficult. Here’s how we help . . .
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Thinking about data

When we think about helping our clients get the most from their data we find the following spectrums useful aids in helping us recommend the most appropriate solution for their needs.


There is a trade-off between interactivity (allowing the user to manipulate the data) and a curated user experience (that ensures clarity and efficacy of data story-telling).

Data source, synchronicity and latency

Where your data comes from, to a degree governs what you can do with it. From automating lo-fi processes and calculations using static data to the use of APIs that gather real-time dynamic data presented in interactive dashboards, your architectural options are numerous and complex.

Platform ownership and safety

Off-the-shelf platforms can be appealing as a quick way of creating a proof of concept, but it comes with inherent capacity, flexibility and sharing limitations, and fewer options in terms of data-security and user access. Long-term availability and feature development are also aspects we can help you consider.


Data can be used both retrospectively and predictively. It can help learn from things that have happened or make predictions about the future.


Our Experience


Versus Arthritis

A bespoke platform is not always the best solution for a client.



This platform presents datasets to research evaluation teams, automating a task that was painstakingly performed manually before.
All the researchers need to do now is upload a new data spreadsheet every quarter.
A high level of interactivity was required for the analysis, so we included a number of filters to showcase the data.



Elephant is a digital platform that seeks to enable access to healthcare all over the world, particularly focusing on developing countries. Their need for sophisticated functionalities, data protection, and user management and usability, could only be met with a bespoke platform. This helped Elephant stand out as a better solution, compared to the off-the-shelf tools that were previously used in those areas.


RYA Sailactivity

RYA’s dashboards help their admins monitor the activity levels of disabled sailors and filter the data by location and centre. The need for an intricate set of data-views, each with a high level of interactivity, was met with a bespoke platform. Data is updated in real time through the use of APIs.



We created a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) to analyse the results of the questionnaire ‘Technology is changing the future of our jobs’ to OECD’s admins. A series of data about the tests and the results include a system to monitor how many users take the test over time and the rate of completion.



Connect is a SaaS platform for managing a business. On Connect, each project has its own dashboard which can be customised for different user types. Through the dashboard each user can access different functionalities of the platform and spot areas of attention.


Factors to consider

Finding the best fit for your needs is not simple and is very hard to do without technical expertise. There are many factors to be taken into consideration and we can help you make these assessments for your particular organisation. Contact us to discuss your project.

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