Elevate Children
Supporting LGBTI young people
Elevate children and their partners GPP wanted us to design infographics to draw attention to their new research paper. We helped them go further and create an emotive and engaging animation.


Engaging with animation

Elevate Children and GPP approached us with an ambitious joint goal: they needed their partners and funders to engage and support their work in advancing philanthropy for LGBTI children globally. Their idea, to use content from a recent research paper and create infographics as a digestible and shareable resource that would connect with their stakeholders and inspire their support.

Whilst this was a component of our final delivery we felt there was a more compelling and emotive approach that could cut through and have greater traction with harder to reach partners.

Using the report as a base we created a short narrative suitable to accompany an animation highlighting the most emotive and compelling reasons to engage with the charities and their recent work.

Animation captivates: it attracts attention and inspires peoples’ imaginations. Good storytelling that conveys powerful ideas can provoke change and create a lasting impact.

“Together has a unique ability to translate complex ideas into impactful imagery. They were responsive and able to iterate our collaboration into something really beautiful.”

Ghazal Keshavarzian | Director, Elevate Children Funders Group


Visualising diversity

Given the global scale and cultural sensitivity of the topic, we wanted to avoid stereotypes associated with particular genders and places. A mixed-media approach enabled us to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of identities amongst LGBTI youth playfully, without being prescriptive. It also provided a unique tactile quality to the overall piece that is immediately recognisable/relatable from wherever in the world it is viewed.


From mixed-media to motion image

Our remit covered script-writing to final rendering. With specialist subject matter at hand, the project needed regular client involvement and collaboration. With flexibility towards brand guidelines we created exciting bespoke artworks which were then digitised and animated.

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