New Course
Branding a startup
Founding a company is an all-consuming task requiring complete dedication from everyone involved. We know what that's like and how important it is to embody your vision in a tangible identity.
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An identity that embodies the approach

NewCourse is a niche healthcare quality improvement consultancy. Their mission: to bring sustainable improvement to healthcare organisations worldwide. NewCourse focuses on building capacity and capability that delivers lasting impact and lays the groundwork for ongoing improvement beyond their engagement. A legacy of improvement. Their model and lean approach is built around mutual partnership, delivered by sector specialists with a tailored approach to their clients’ needs, and aims to avoid wasted consultancy time.

Our challenge was to create an identity that reflected their unique approach and support them in their new business activities aimed at a variety of prospective clients.

‘. . . It’s been an education and incredibly worthwhile exercise for me to do even without the two concepts you have produced, both of which I think could have been refined to a final “product”.  The elements you have pulled out are exactly what I want to put in the minds of people I approach and am in conversation with.. . .’

Alf Theodorou
CEO NewCourse healthcare

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A name precedes you, it sets the tone

A brand name can be a huge assets to a business. Whether starting an identity project from scratch or re-positioning an existing brand, strengthening the name, strapline, slogan or proposition is our number one objective. In an ideal world, it not only sums up what the company does but also conveys how it goes about its work. It provides people with a sense of what they can expect from their interaction.

NewCourse represents a fresh approach for quality improvement. Their methodologies appeal to clients wanting to move quickly whilst keeping a focus on lasting long-term outcomes.

NewCourse partners with organisations who are driven by a fundamental passion for high-standards. They offer the chance to pursue quality improvement using a partnership model with dedicated specialists.

NewCourse provides the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, set ambitious but supported pathways to lasting healthcare improvement.


Unique partnership and pathways

The idea we wanted to convey in the identity was the idea of partnership. A balanced coming-together of specialists to move in a new direction and achieve something together. It needed to form the beginning of a dynamic and symbiotic relationship.


New Course

The result is a contemporary wordmark and strapline. It gives a strong sense of forward motion and an injection of clean fresh colours to emphasise the coming together of two elements. It uses geometric letterforms giving a sense of modernity and precision.


Creating a logotype

Watch the logo refinement at hyperspeed


Let’s keep this clean and simple.

NewCourse is dedicated to delivery rather than packaging. Our typography had to say the same thing. We were looking for something elegant with character but minimal and restrained. A statement that simplicity is always the goal.