NHSmail for social care
Healthy London Partnership commissioned us to create a system-wide campaign, identity and related materials to support the roll-out of NHSmail to Social Care.
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Increasing uptake and changing behaviour

The government has an ambitious vision for Care Homes across the UK and aims to modernise health and social care using the latest digital technologies. In line with that vision, NHS Digital announced that care providers can now gain access to NHSmail


Getting to the heart of the matter

NHSmail has numerous benefits to stakeholders across the system. Despite that, we needed to find powerful, memorable, language that gave people a reason to care, to act and more importantly, to change their working practices.

We needed a relatable and unquestionable truth to frame a vision of what could be achieved by widening the adoption of NHSmail.

A clear statement to health and care providers that resonate equally to both. ‘Better connected, better care’ was born.



The campaign needed to instantly convey the key product – but it also needed to be about connection. It had to put practitioners at the center.

For care home staff, being able to send and receive emails sent directly to their.name@nhsmail.net means a great deal. Not only did it give them a sense of parity with colleagues from across the system (who had long enjoyed NHSmail), but the myriad ways it enables them to perform their role with increased efficiency and efficacy increased their sense of value and pride in being able to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Ultimatley reducing staff frustration, unnecessary admin, and giving health care professionals better connection with their multi-disciplinary teams means there’s more time left to care for patients.


Working within the boundaries

The campaign was designed to be rolled out to regions across the UK. It would need to be adopted by care homes scattered throughout multiple STPs under different CCG areas, all of whom had their own identities. We found that there was a high degree of fatigue towards the sea of NHS branded comms campaigns. By taking inspiration from the established Digital Social Care identity we created something consistent, fresh and simple whilst taking into account that it must work alongside NHS guidelines.


Creative development

Creative routes were tested across a wide range of target audiences leading to a refinement of messaging, creative, and the commissioning of a photoshoot to capture genuine health care professionals advocating the use of NHSmail.

Launch party

Getting senior buy-in

Multiple materials developed in time for senior stakeholder  events played a key role in achieving senior buy-in. Bringing the identity to life through animation meant it could easily be incorporated into pre-existing videos promoting the work.

A Comms toolkit

Right message, right people, right channel

Ensuring each key message was delivered in the best format and medium to target the intended audience meant creating a number of different executions and supporting templates for regional use.

We created a toolkit which included event banners, posters, icon sets, social media assets, animations, email signatures, desk talkers, awareness-raising stickers, identity guidelines, Powerpoint templates, infographics and more.

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