Revealing Reality
Innovation and Research Agency
Matching the sophistication of your pitch with the quality of the services you deliver. A re-branding for one of the most innovative agencies in qual research.


The future of research

Founded with a strong focus on ethnographic research techniques, Revealing Reality is an award-winning research agency with a track record of delivering change to some of the biggest names across public, private and third sectors.

As an industry, most competitors are not harnessing the power of design, communication or digital services to maximise impact. The opportunity for us lay in injecting these disciplines to augment and modernise the research process, enabling the delivery of transformative insight to a broader range of clients.

Over ten years we have led them through a complete rebrand and re-articulation of their services and products on their website. We have designed dozens of reports, toolkits, interactive infographics and digital dashboards in support of their key projects.

‘…It’s a pleasure to work with a team who share our values and ambitions. We’d recommend them to anyone requiring design, digital or graphics support.’

Becky Rowe | Owner & head of research

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The evolution of a business

Together and Revealing Reality has enjoyed an 11-year relationship as sister agencies. Over the years we have worked in collaboration on numerous impactful projects. During this time we have also worked with ESRO to rebrand and position their innovative work and augment their offer with design and digital products.

Several years into our collaboration a change of name prompted a rebrand. We evoked the methodologies that underpinned their unique approach to qualitative social research and behaviour change work with the visual identity we created.


An identity that tells a story

The identity needed to be simple and authoritative – we wanted it to be intriguing, engaging and clever too. Their work helps transform organisations by delivering award-winning research and behavioural insight. They reveal real-world realities that are so often concealed or obfuscated, misunderstood or simply missed.

Our solution used a moving background to reveal words that are always present but unseen. It is the shift and change of background information that provides context and clarity.


Promoting the launch

From business cards to a bespoke new website with internal business functions we provided Revealing Reality with a comprehensive suite of tools to connect and reach their growing client base and prospective employees.


Responsive web design

The site is filled with rich media and required a number of unique design features and responsive adaptations to make it intuitive to use across different devices and screen size. We also needed to ensure it’s numerous long videos were optimised for variable connection speeds.


Defining clear offers

Alongside the rebrand was a business need to better articulate the nuances of Revealing Reality’s offer whilst giving prospective clients a clearer picture of the types of work they deliver and what they could buy.

Working closely with the team we helped name, design and create content for their four product and sub-product areas.


Partnering for Sucess

Sharing a leafy office with Revealing Reality in SW4, we have been their go-to communications team for over a decade, transforming their research findings into tangible designed outcomes – from reports, toolkits, workshop materials to interactive infographics, animations and films, and bespoke software application.


Enhancing impact

Over the years, we have worked on literally hundreds of projects with Revealing Reality, many of which result in published and public-facing impact and research reports, a range of event, workshop and debrief materials, and numerous bespoke infographics, statistics and basic animations. We show a few of them below.


We started working with Together back in 2008. Since then we’ve grown massively and our relationship with the Together team has been a huge part of that. Their work on our brand and website has always received great feedback and helps us to communicate the quality of our work in a highly competitive marketplace.

We collaborate with the team on a day-to-day basis and we also build their design skills into our client work to help ensure we are communicating effectively. They have also helped us develop a standalone digital product which we now sell in its own right.

It’s a pleasure to work with a team who share our values and ambitions. We’d recommend them to anyone requiring design, digital or graphics support.

Becky Rowe | Owner & Head of Research

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