A brand in need of refreshment
We helped SUC reinvent its offer, brand, stores and comms. The once specialist smoothie outlet needed to diversify it's product range and attract new customers
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Answer to contrasting demands

‘. . . Their management of such a big project is excellent and has given me great peace of mind . . . If you are looking for a partner to achieve mutual success, then Together is certainly the right choice for you!’

Pablo Freire
Owner and managing director

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The journey begins

We developed a strategy with two different concepts, but with the idea that some core values were common to both. The identities, therefore, needed a similar visual core – an over-arching brand – to sit at the top of the SUC family.


The right recipe for different locations

SUC wanted to develop its business model and offer customers more. It had to change what it looked like and ensure customers understood their new offer. It needed to make this risky shift and at the same time appease highly complex and competitive landlord and lease demands.

We developed two concepts tailored to the needs of people in the catchment zones for SUC’s new target locations.


Tailored to your taste

SUC Bar is all about flavour. The menu is stacked full with customisable juices and smoothies made fresh in front the of the customer. They augment this with unique hot drinks and soups with a fruity twist. They have also worked with local artisan coffee growers, roasters and milk producers to offer a coffee menu that really does warrant the title of the best coffee in their current locations


Simple menu to customise

Menu space is devoted to a mixture of new product promotion and simple to navigate menus that customers can adapt to suit their tastes.


All the flavours

Something comes here about the visual presentation and colour coding of products to make customers” choice easier and reduce the time spent on ordering


Something to chew over

Every element we considered was designed to make the customers life that little bit more simple. We used colour, illustration, animation with strong typography to communicate product benefits, ingredients, provenance and quality.


Good for customers and the earth

Switzerland is a place of outstanding natural beauty and SUC’s customers are even more acutely aware of the environmental impact their consumerism has. The SUC brand prioritises the environment in all it’s decision making, and in the products it offers.


Informing customers

It was important for SUC to keep loyal customers informed throughout their transformation. Our management of their social media accounts teased at the opening of the new look SUC stores and once open gave product information and highlighted the new offers.


An online presence

With some old stores still in existence and a sizeable suite of managment tools built into the existing site we needed to maintain the existing website whilst promoting the new concepts and products. We built a micro-site to act as a gateway to the new style.


SUC is winning more rental spaces

The new brand and concepts have been warmly greeted by landlords offering SUC more spaces than before and they have increased the remit of product lines they are allowing SUC to sell in key locations. Crucially sales have risen since the rebrand.


‘In 2009 we started our juice bar business and at that point, we worked very closely with a professional designer. However, after just one year we felt that more marketing expertise was needed. We, therefore, approached Together and started working on a solid direction for the SUC+ brand. The purpose of this co-operation was to explore SUC+’s potential brand positioning, to consider the market, both audience and competitive set, and to develop a hierarchy of messaging that would enable SUC+ to present an appealing, consistent and recognisable message to relevant audiences.

I was impressed by the way Together approached this task back then and they have gone from strength to strength since. Not only have they provided fantastic results throughout our working relationship but more importantly I really feel that they care about the business and its financial resources. As a young entrepreneur, I can confirm that Together is a very professional company with high integrity values.

Most recently, Together has helped us evolve our offer into an exciting new brand and sub offers. This has been an immense change for us, and we have felt supported by Together throughout. Their management of such a big project is excellent and has given me great peace of mind. From high-level brand positioning down to detailed architectural plans for our interiors, mockups for our investors, new website, and all the detailed work required on packaging and screen promotion, they handle everything we throw at them with a thorough process making every element work in harmony – they are even producing our embroidered uniforms!

If you are looking for a partner to achieve mutual success, then Together is certainly the right choice for you!’

Pablo Freire
Owner and managing director

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