Think with Google

Decoding decisions, making sense of the messy middle

Google commissioned us to represent their innovative conception of modern-day purchase-journey decision-making, that marked a departure from long-established industry conventions.
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The ‘messy middle’

Google came to us with a problem: how consumers process information and make decisions is getting messier and harder to understand.

Building on behavioural models already in existence, we helped decode the ‘messy middle’ between buyer and product to help us better understand how consumers make decisions in the digitised marketplace.


In pen and paper we trust

Starting with the sketchpad helps us to explore the many different ways an idea can be visually represented, which might otherwise remain untapped.


Drawing on research

Part of our work was about embedding the model with an audience who had an established conception of purchase journeys. Our work needed to introduce the challenge to the convention in an accessible way that explained the thinking and logic behind the update.


Evoking human factors with a sketch

A hand-drawn style was designed to connect with our audience on a personal level, to make the model feel less daunting.

Using graphics to give authority

We developed an alternative style using vectorised graphics to give the model more gravitas. Either could be applied depending on the audience.

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