Your online presence should represent your organisation and its vision as well as you do. Sadly most sites look the same, adding little value. We create targeted content in unique, beautiful and effective websites

Clearly website

A website to explain Clearly's platform technology that helps road transportation organisation reach net zero emissions efficiently – rapid content creation and story-telling was key for this fast moving tech start-up

Illustrating the vision

Clearly are harnessing the power of multiple technologies and smart cities to help bring about positive environmental change, we used a variety of design techniques explain complexity in simple but engaging terms

European Artificial Intelligence & Society Fund

EAIF were rebranded to include ’society’ when created an illustrative style to give life and meaning to an organisation promoting and pushing for the better inclusion of civic society and people's voices in the policy debate over AI, it's benefits, drawbacks and risks. We placed people working collaboratively in settings and scenes depicting technology and played with scale to convey the disconnect between regular people and AI products that will impact everyone’s lives

The power of Illustration

Illustration is a flexible tool we use to help many good organisations who are unable to reference relevant photographic material

Oxford Medical Simulation

A website redesign for Oxford Medical Simulation — a company that specialises in VR healthcare education and training – their new website effectively communicates OMS’s services to various healthcare professionals and students – we also crafted tailored messaging for each target audience and created an information architecture that seamlessly guides them through the website's dedicated sections

Thrive LDN

A full redesign and restructure of content, migration of content and rebuild of a large site. Retaining simplicity and clarity whilst organising large amounts of resources and information is paramount to good user experience

Intuitive web design with a mobile-first approach

It's vital to design around the most restrictive interfaces first to optimise user experience – with this site we also delivered truly inclusive design throughout, with elements such as accessible patterns for colour blindness

Edinburgh Kidney

A network dedicated to improving cardiovascular outcomes for people living with kidney disease. The new identity and website needed to speak to prospective research partners across the world and showcase the incredible work the group produces

Global Fund for Community Foundations

A website for the only organisation focused solely on growing community philanthropy globally to unleash the power of people-led development


Website and promotional collateral for luxury, end-to-end architect, construction and interior design company

Other serivces